LA Burdick – The Ultimate Drinking Chocolate

This is my second major attempt with this wonderful chocolate!  I finally got it right this time.

I had to get through more than 2 pounds of the previous bag before I got it right on this one.  Note that I had a previous article here on the blog that details my first few attempts.

Let me start with the perfect recipe:

  • 1 Cup of LA Burdick Chocolate Shavings
  • 1/2 cup of boiling water
  • stir vigorously right away so nothing settles and all particles gets the immediate melt
  • re-heat in microwave for another 30 seconds

And there you go.  It will yield 1 full cup of perfect drinking chocolate.  I’ll have my ratings at the end.

From Drinking Chocolate

Ahh yes, sweet graphic design. I love it. I tried not to let the great packaging sway my opinion of the chocolate… although, it’s hard not to. Any company that would take this much time with the packaging is no doubt proud of their chocolate.

If you want to know more about the company, see more at

you can click to zoom in on any photo here

As you can see, the label (in a great font, btw), says to mix this with a mug of hot milk. Perhaps, for the faint of heart, a lesser man or woman might warm some milk and then mix in a few tablespoons of this. But that’s not drinking chocolate to me… That’s a weak hot chocolate.

Also, from the massive amount of reading and research I’ve done on chocolate of this type (I’m not kidding), it is really best to mix with water. Water keeps the chocolate taste as pure as possible to the original vision of the chocolate maker. Many of us have grown up with the normal method of mixing chocolate powder and milk. So, it’s been hard for me to get past these notions, but I’m making steady progress.

my tiny sampling cup – it goes through lots of abuse

Sometimes, when trying new recipes, I make a small espresso-cup full of the substance and try a few mixes. It’s better to mess up a small cup of chocolate… practice… get it right… before moving onto the main event.

a giant and amazing pile of shavings…waiting…

These are indeed “chocolate shavings”. They are feather-light and soft. If you are to take a few and press them between your fingers, they would almost disappear. So, they have this nice, light, etherial quality to them that is unique.

I’ve taken to measuring these things to put some science behind it all…

My previous mistakes were all, basically, adding too much water. With other recipes for other types of drinking chocolates, I’ve added about equal parts chocolate and boiling water. In this case, the winning mix is 1 cup of chocolate shavings and only 1/2 a cup of water. Can you imagine? Yes, it’s true… It’s almost as heretical as having a big can of Nestle Quik chocolate powder and filling it half-full with milk, and then mixing!

But, as strange as it sounds, adding half as much boiling water as the amount of chocolate is the key.

pouring in the boiling water

When mixing in the boiling water, you have to be fast. Stir it quickly so that all the shavings get the fast-melt. Otherwise, you end up with a few chunky bits down at the bottom. While that’s not the end of the world and is a nice little rich treat at the end, there is a bit more elegance in having the whole thing be smooth and thick.

the start of the pour

I have gotten into the habit of mixing in one and pouring into the final cup. This keeps my final cup cleaner, and makes for a more thorough mix. Plus, it’s how the pros do it… and they must do it for a reason.

Can it get more thick and perfect? I think not. This is living.

Ahh… and look at that… how nice, thick, and amazing does that look above? As far as I can tell, it’s the perfect recipe.

I felt extremely decadent while drinking it. Perfectly thick, smooth, and with a taste that stayed with me for a long time after the sips. I don’t know what else could have been better.

There also was that perfect amount of “spicy-aftertaste” in the throat. I don’t really like calling it “spicy”, because that indicates sort of a “hot”, burning spicy flavor. But it is not. It’s more of a cinnamon that tickles the throat in a delightful and sophisticated manner.

Final Analysis:

This is the best drinking chocolate I’ve ever made at home.  Despite what the package says, do not mix it with milk.  It alters the flavor and is already milk-chocolatey in taste.

  • Taste 9/10
  • Scent 9/10
  • Parting Feeling 9/10
  • Spice Chaser – 10/10 perfect for me  (which means that it is not TOO spicy or TOO mild.  The cinnamon tickle stays in your throat for a good 30 minutes or so, reminding you of the ultimate experience

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