LA Burdick Drinking Chocolate

Here we go with a discussion of the very tasteful-looking and tasty LA Burdick Drinking Chocolate. You can get more information at

Came in a weighty paper bag with an amazing label.  It looked like it had been designed by the East India Trading Company.  I’m always a sucker for good graphic design…  it makes me think that the people behind it really do care about a full-on customer experience.

From Drinking Chocolate

Besides, the label, the bag is a few pounds and has a solid heft to it.  It feels like it will provide many nights of good drinking chocolate.

According to Burdick’s website:

Burdick’s Hot Chocolate is a balanced blend of Caribbean & South American shaved chocolate with a 68-75% cocoa content. Its flavor and richness is reminiscent of the intense, polished drinking chocolate experienced in European Cafés.

Ahhh that sounds good… who doesn’t like a European Cafe?

I started by pouring the “shavings”, as the directions say, into a small espresso cup.  This is my “testing cup”.  My “drinking cup” is a huge vessel that is reported to have a slight undertow.

As you can see, the gains are fine and dusty-brown in color.  They feel very light and slide and tumble over one another easily.

The directions say to add “near scalding milk”, so I decided to make that.  Using whole milk, I attempted to make it “near scalding”.  This is a very hard goal to achieve.  It’s like when you visit a friend and they say, “Turn two miles before the bridge.”

Getting milk hot is always a bit of a problem.  This is probably because I am fairly lazy and use the microwave whenever possible.  It boiled over after about a minute, created an awful mess, but was certainly “near scalding”.

I then added a bit of milk to the cup, and it immediately turned to full liquid.  Very thin liquid, in fact.  The chocolate shavings seemed to be mostly air.  This surprised me a bit, I suppose.  The cup was so full of chocolate, I expected there was very little room for liquid.  But as it poured in, it sank down to the bottom, like water through light gravel.  This isn’t the end of the world.  It’s quite the first world problem.  But, it was unexpected, nonetheless.

I drank it down.  Very good!  A sweet taste that felt thicker than it looked.  It was a full, rich chocolate and I was impressed.  After, there was a tangible feeling of cinnamon in my throat.  This is a lasting gift of spice that I’ve grown to expect with drinking chocolates.  It is one of many things that make them different than a mere hot cocoa.

So I filled another espresso cup with the choco-dust.  I tried to make more milk and it boiled over once again.  What a pain.  It blows up over the top of the cup very quickly, even though the cup was only 1/4 full.  Anyway, I had some hot milk left over.

I poured in a little bit at a time.  I wanted to get it to the point where the liquid was as thick as possible.  I did, and I noticed that the total volume of the cup was about one half it was when it was just the shavings.  So, it is mostly air.  This is not necessarily a problem, it’s just the way it is.

But what that does mean is you have to pour a ton of chocolate dust into a cup to get a decent quantity.  You quickly feel like quite the glutton.  Not that I mind that.

Another problem was that the drink was not terribly hot.  There was not enough milk to heat up all the shavings.  To get truly hot, the whole thing would need to go into the microwave for a bit.

Now it was time for the main event.  I filled my redonko-mug with more shavings and decided to add boiling water.  Forget the milk.  There was so little milk in the final cup, that I felt it did not matter if water was used.  And I was right.  It still tasted the same with water, which is a lot easier to boil.

My mega-cup was full and satisfying.  I put in a bit more water than necessary, so it did not appear as thick as I expected.  But, again, it tasted much thicker than I expected.  The cinnamon taste in my throat lasted for a good 20 minutes after drinking it through.

  • Taste 8/10
  • Spice:  9/10 – Not too strong, but lasting and there
  • Scent:  8/10
  • Best way to make:  Overfill the cup, add a small amount of boiling water until desired thickness]

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