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LA Burdick – The Ultimate Drinking Chocolate

This is my second major attempt with this wonderful chocolate!  I finally got it right this time. I had to get through more than 2 pounds of the previous bag before I got it right on this one.  Note that I had a previous article here on the blog that details my first few attempts. [...]

Vintage Chocolate Ads

I saw these vintage chocolate ads today…. sent out a Tweet (@TreyRatcliff) Click on the image below to see more!

“Grand Lait” Pastilles from Michel Cluizel French Chocolate

These chocolates come from Michael Cluizel, who is apparently an authentic Frenchman. I automatically give a +2 to Magical Chocolate to anyone that hails from Europe. France gets a +3. So does Switzerland. According, to the website: Michel Cluizel has been making chocolate in the southern Normandy region of France to an exclusively high standard, [...]

LA Burdick Drinking Chocolate

Here we go with a discussion of the very tasteful-looking and tasty LA Burdick Drinking Chocolate. You can get more information at Came in a weighty paper bag with an amazing label.  It looked like it had been designed by the East India Trading Company.  I’m always a sucker for good graphic design…  it [...]

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